Reviews & Comments

From the Academic Community...

I have seen hundreds of pastors, chaplains, musicians, professional  athletes, and government officials share the Good News of Jesus Christ;  but I have never seen a more riveting and accurate portrayal of Jesus. .  . . The hidden humor and emotions of this story make you feel as if you  were there. Not only does he have a tremendous talent to portray all  the characters but he has a unique style that truly touches your heart.

Col. Charles Caudill
Virginia Military Institute

I was dragged kicking and screaming to your show. I anticipated it with  all the pleasure of dental surgery. And what did I see? One of the most  skilled actors I have seen in a long time. A piece of material that is  powerful, succinct and moving irrespective of one's religious belief-or  even whether or not one has any religious beliefs. Mark's Gospel made  me-perhaps for the very first time-understand why it is such affecting  material. I have certainly never seen any piece of religious drama that  carried the sheer theatrical and emotional impact of your performance.

David Ball,
Director of Drama - Duke University

Your interpretation touched us deeply. I am grateful for your gift and the splendid spirit in which you exercise it.

Haddon Robinson
Distinguished Professor - Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Just saw Max's show. What a blessing to today's Church!! My love for,  AND understanding of Genesis was mightily enhanced in this portrayal.  Hearing so many pages of reading scrolled out in sound like that, with  all of the stories coming together; the unity of scripture was  strikingly brought to light. Every word had its place and even the  "begats" were riveting!

Holly Hancock
Student - Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Your presentations (of Mark and Acts) were superb! In quickly reviewing the evaluations, you hit a home run!

James Pitts
Furman University

The contradictory simplicity and ambition of Max McLean's production is  startlingly effective. Hs careful, passionate portrayal of Jesus drew a  substantial and enthusiastic Brown audience. The evangelical Christian  community discovered that Brown does sponsor programs they can endorse  wholeheartedly. The Brown chaplaincy relearned the vitality of the  Christian community's common text in the midst of our struggle to find common life.

Janet Cooper Nelson,
Chaplain - Brown University

The Duke community was exceptionally pleased and entranced by your  performance. Many in attendance said that your performance gave them a  human insight into sacred text that they had not dared envision.

Kenneth L. Nerlson
Duke University Chapel - Durham, NC

We seldom integrate the best of the theatrical traditions with the  religious background of the college but your performance did just that.  You bring the Gospel to life in a context that is impossible to describe  except in the theatrical medium. It takes on new resonance of power and  meaning when experienced through performance.

Patrick Quade
Chairman, Theater Department - St. Olaf College

The audience of over 350 people were captivated by your simple yet elegant presentation of the Gospel.

Stephen Schmidt
Connecticut College

Mark's Gospel overflows with humor, pathos, and dramatic intensity. It helps the Gospel to live-a stunning performance.

William Willimon,
Chaplain - Duke University