Reviews & Comments

From Christian Leaders...

Thank you for your mighty ministry.

Adrian Rogers
Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church
Bible Teacher, Love Worth Finding

Your ability to capture the audience's attention and bring God's Word to life remains unparalleled.

Beverly LaHaye,
Chairman, Concerned Women for America

I am confident the Lord is using you and your wonderful ministry of drama to draw many people to Himself.

Charles R. Swindoll
Author, Bible Teacher - Insight for Living

Max McLean is an extraordinary Christian artist. His presentation of  Mark's brings the gospel to life in a unique and powerful way. I felt  like I was there-with Jesus-in the greatest drama of all time.

Charles W. Colson,
Founder - Prison Fellowship

Max McLean delivered his powerful rendition of Mark to a spellbound  congregation at our church on New Year's Eve. Max's presentation was not  only inspiring it was astonishing.

D. James Kennedy,
Pastor - Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

Max made the Gospel of Mark come alive for all of us. No matter how  familiar we were with the story, we sat gripped by its drama as if  hearing for the first time.

Dr. Erwin Lutzer
Pastor - Moody Memorial Church

A large audience of all ages sat spellbound as Mark's Gospel literally  came alive. It was an unforgettable evening. We will have Max again.

Jim Henry,
Pastor - First Baptist Church-Orlando

Your presentation was incredible. It was an evening that none of us  were there will ever forget. You made the Gospel come alive with new  meaning for all of us. Many of the passages had a freshness about them  that made it seem like we were hearing them for the first time.

John Stevens
First Presbyterian Church, Colorado Springs, CO

Your moving performance made a profound impression on all who attended our Congregational Dinner.

Michael Youssef, PhD
Pastor, Church of the Apostles

Drama is a delicate medium. Max McLean handles it with brilliance.

Ravi Zacharias
President - Ravi Zacharias International Ministries