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  • Mark's Gospel
  • Mark
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      • Taken from the NIV Bible, Mark's Gospel is a moving and profound look at the earliest account of the story of Jesus. Ran in Chicago for two months and received the prestigious Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Solo Performance in the 2009 season.
  • Genesis
  • Genesis
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      • Taken from the NIV Bible, McLean finds humor and pathos in his telling of the dramatic sweep of creation to Babylon, of flood and plagues, Adam & Eve's fall from paradise, Abraham's heart-cleaving sacrifice of his son Isaac, and the epic destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. McLean is a master at humanizing distant mythological figures to unveil the people in GENESIS as gritty, real and very much like the human population of contemporary times, immensely fallible.
  • The Screwtape Letters
  • Screwtape
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      • C.S. Lewis' brilliant novel, The Screwtape Letters, reveals spiritual warfare from a demon's point of view. This funny, provocative and wickedly witty theatrical adaptation, starring Max McLean as Screwtape, was a hit in New York where it played 309 performances and a sold out sensation in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas and Washington, D.C.!

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Mark's Gospel Media Reviews

"Only after seeing "Mark's Gospel" did I realize what had been missing. It comes down to performance. With wit and humor Max McLean brings a dramatically rooted clarity to what is a profoundly mysterious odyssey."

Hedy Weiss, Theatre Critic, Chicago Sun-Times

"Whatever your interest in the life of Jesus…there’s nothing like experiencing the events of this earth-shattering life at one sitting…Max McLean refuses to upstage the narrative…letting the words and vivid biblical characters have their say…life-changing moments come from the text."

Chris Jones, Theatre Critic, Chicago Tribune

“You presented Mark’s Gospel in a way that made me – perhaps for the very first time – understand why this is such affecting material. I have certainly never seen any piece of religious drama that carried the sheer theatrical and emotional impact of your performance.”

David Ball, Director of Drama, Duke University

“An extraordinarily gifted Christian artist. I felt like I was there - with Jesus - in the greatest drama of all time.”

Chuck Colson, Author

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Genesis On Stage Media Reviews

“Bible Stories told with laughter and affection. McLean has complete command.”
Anita Gates, The New York Times

“It’s a dramatic feast. McLean’s voice is liquid brawn.”
Tom Sime, Dallas Morning News

“A relaxed and splendid performance…The Sacrifice of Isaac is particularly powerful especially in the hands of a masterful tail-spinner like McLean!”
Jonathan Aberbanel, Chicago Sun-Times

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