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Product Reviews

From Christian Leaders

This beautiful collection of the Scriptures will minister to us for the rest of my life.

Cliff Barrows
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

He sounds as you might expect the writers of the text to sound  if theywere speaking instead of writing... McLean reads the Bible like it is the Word of God.

Donald Whitney
Professor of Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

These are the most engaging recordings of the Bible I have ever heard.  If you look in my car's CD player you will find Max McLean's Bible CDs.  I use them to help me to memorize scripture.

Hank Hanegraaff,
The Bible Answer Man
President, Christian Research Institute

I simply cannot express how much the New Testament tapes have meant to me! I listen to them all the time.... This is the wisest investment I have made in a long, long, time.

via internet

I just finished watching Genesis!  Wow!

David Jeremiah, Pastor
Shadow Mountain Community Church
El Cajon, CA

From Listeners

Good morning Max, I pray you get this name is pastor Harold. I  have been listening to your morning scripture reading and I just wanted  to tell you how much i enjoy them and how they lift me up everyday. I  have been listening for a few months now and you are trully a blessed  speaker. I am disabled and some days it take everything I got to just to  get up and after listening to your scripture reading it gives me  stength to get through the day. As pastors and teachers of the word we  need to be fed as well and since Ihave been listening to your morning  bible lessons it has gave me a spirit of refresh and renew. I just  wanted to take a moment and thank you for sharing your gifts with the  rest of us because it trully has been a blessing in my life!! thank you  again and I sure wish all the people from the k-love station would  listen to you because they would trully be blessed. I can actually feel  myself there in that date and time and going through these peoples lifes  struggles and troubles. Thank you again for your devotion, in his name,  Pastor Harold.

Pastor Harold
via email

I have been trying to read the bible with a yearly plan and I was seeing  any improvement and not much understanding to the context it self. I  knew that Bible gateway had this option, but never really had tried it.  recently I started to listen to it while I try to follow along in my  bible, and not only am I learning and understanding, but is also helping  me learn to pronounce properly (my native language is Spanish). And now  my 8 yr. old daughter who has been listening with me, is actually  interested and asking questions about God's word. This is truly a  blessing to us. Thank you.","Veronica
Via email",,"1"
"36","0","Recordings - From Listeners","I am so busy that I have had a hard time sitting down and listening to  God's word.  Now - I love to listen to Max reading the scriptures.  I  listen in the night when I go to bed and when I exercise during the day  and in the car to and from work.  I am so very thankful to be able to  listen to God's word regularly now.  Thank you Max!!!!!!

via email

I've heard other Bible recordings, the late Alexander Scourby reading  the King James Version, actor Marvin Miller, Efram Czimbalist Jr., and a  few lesser knowns.  I've even enjoyed the dramatic presentations of the  KJV, Living and NIV as done by various groups. But Max McLean is truly tops.

via email

I want to tell you that I am so thankful for this tool. I finally  realized that my ears have sooo much more time than the rest of my  body.. I have been listening regularly while working or driving and I am  thrilled almost to tears sometimes when I realize that I am receiving God's word at a time that is usually wasted on daydreaming...

Yuba City, CA

This is the best audio Bible I've ever heard...

Los Angeles, CA

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