Hear the power of Scripture

“What sets McLean’s efforts above all others I have heard is his interpretive skill."
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A Trained Actor. A Student of the Bible.

“Unlike some who are paid to read the Bible in a recording studio simply because they have a remarkable voice and years of wide theatrical experience, Max McLean has been traveling the country since 1983 giving dramatic readings of this same Book.” Read bio »

Highest Caliber Endorsements

“Recommended by trusted Christian leaders like Ravi Zacharias and R. C. Sproul who have a long-standing personal knowledge of him as a follower of Christ.” More endorsements »

A Narrator devoted to understanding the Bible

“As opposed to some who might rehearse for a one-time reading of the Bible, McLean says: ‘I try to devote quality time in the Bible . . . in personal study to understand the Bible better and allow the Holy Spirit to evaluate my life.’

Above quotations from Donald Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Published in Midwestern Journal of Theology. Read entire review »

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